These are the kinda thing I'll be sporting this Spring / Summer. The bigger and more outrageous, the better. Couldn't resist getting the cash out a few weeks back to buy this little bad boy pair. Copped a bargain at 15 quid, Topshop. I'll get my money's worth as they will be pretty much glued to my face and I'm sure I'll pull them out to use in a shoot at some point.


Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow

Not sure who she is but she is a BABE,  got nothin' on the shades though...


Upcoming Shoot - Fur Wrap

A fur wrap I've customized for a shoot I've got coming up in the next couple of weeks. The shoot will be inspired around the song Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio for a university styling project. Currently planning my outfits, this wrap will definately be making an appearance.

"allow" the unruly hair

Helmut Lang

Feeling the military look on the bottom half. Went through a phase myself this Winter. Practical thinking, no-one wants wet ankles when it's snowing outside.


Hannah Marshall s/s11 Film by Rankin

Black sheer fabric similar to what was seen on the Givenchy S/S 11 catwalk. Amazing song choice. 


A wolf illustration i've been working on looking at mark making with the use of individual lines, dots and outline to make up the final image. Undecided as to whether i should leave this as a final image or carry on with it. 

Givenchy S/S 11 - light fabrics, smart tailoring and sheer trousers juxtaposed with detail in the form of buckles and zips. Skin was pasty but lips were a deep, daring red (quite vampire-esque). 
42 Seconds In - a floor length sheer fabric overhaul yet the outfit as a whole is still flattering to the body’s silhouette i.e the inclusion of a fitted blouse. The splashes of leopard print break up the monochrome colour palette yet the collection is still on the level of being classy and oh so sophisticated. High-necked buttoned shirts and oversized sleeveless jackets add an element of androgyny to certain outfits within the collection. We predict attention to detail-ed tailoring will be a hit this coming Spring / Summer.