tilly is for sale

and i'm gutted. but please buy her? she's a good friend and very good arm candy. you won't regret taking her in she's a little beaut and very well behaved. BYE TILLY AND BUY TILLY!

a test

here's one of the shots from a quick test shoot my group did today for our final shoot. The top was made by my mate and group member Sophie Gaten. Good job soph! tits will be on show during the final shoot...hello boys.


test shoot

Did a test shoot a few weeks back with photographer Curtly Thomas (nah we aint related!) It was all a bit last minute so had to work with what we had. One minute the light was amazing, cally-forn-i-ay style the next it was typically dull and British but, one must soldier on. Although Paul (the model) was awesome, I just don't think he had the particular look i had in mind for the garments. Not completely pleased with the end styling results but here's some of the shots:

 Hooded top and short : Abigail Nicholson
Shoes : Dr Martens
 Shirt and Short : Terence Lee Bell

 Jumper : Terence Lee Bell
Jeans : Cheap Monday
Boots : Dr Martens

Vest : Topman
Shorts : Ben Sherman
Shoes : Dr Martens
Glasses : Beyond Retro

Photographer : Curtly Thomas
Stylist : Kelly Thomas
Art Director : Sophia Probett
Model : Paul Cowperthwaite


My mum was recently having a clear out when she came across this cheeky little number. Apparently i got a bit 'bleach happy' at the age of 13 and went bleach crazy with half my wardrobe. Shame it doesn't fit me now I'm a big girl. Rockin' 915.

ridin' dirty

a couple of seriously sweet bikes i stumbled across after a drunken all nighter last weekend. the first one is my friend tammy's. hopin' she might let me have little ride if i haven't got one of my own by the time the sunshine comes. wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't for the mother throwing my ride away last summer. basket and all. it was a sad day.

studdy gigs

make-up artist Oonah Anderson recently asked me to style her final major project shoot which im really looking forward to. its all gonna be based around granny chich (so to speak) so think blue rinses, rollers, gems, deirdre barlow-esque glasses, gold jewellery etc with a modern, contemporary twist. heres some glasses i customized for the shoot. ive been so busy lately, i hope i can get my shit together in time! ch ch check out her work

salsa bitchez


bros before hoes



Saint & Sinner Clothing

My friend Joe runs the online clothing company Saint & Sinner selling t-shirt designs which he designs himself. 

Have a little look at his blog, he sometimes writes some interesting shit. Buy his t-shirts here. More designs to come.