christmas - the only day of the year that you're forced to spend time with people you would never choose to spend time with on any other day. primarily, yes, christmas is about spending time with the family, being humble and thinking about baby jesus but the majority know that these days it's mostly about eating shite, getting fat and not caring, having the annual huge family fall-out, getting absolutely abliterated on booze and thinking it's a good idea to pull down the tree. yes, christmas is here again. whoop-de-fuckin-do. havin a lovely christmas time in my polar bear outerwear. MERRY FUCKIN CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY BASTARD NEW YEAR! X


Lilly Heine

Absolutely in love with Lilly Heine's AW/10 collection. She uses just the right amount of juxtaposition between the light, flowing fabrics and the heavy layering and appliqué to form nude garments that represent understated chic oh so well. Lilly is a Central Saint Martins MA Graduate with pieces from the collection ready and waiting to be bought in Topshop, Oxford Street. Really wouldn't mind if those shoes were on my feet right now too...


My poor hair has taken some absolute hammering with the hair dye over the years, but never have I had a head full quite like this. I may tip over the edge and do something brutally wild with it when it's grown back long, I think this looks h-amazing. >>>
A few of the colours my poor innocent barnet has had to cope with over the years. Wish i had photo evidence of the green and blue. Or maybe not.
Pink for me was a bad choice. Cyber goffin'

Let Them Eat Cake.

A couple of scans from a snazzy little magazine I bought whilst in Berlin back in January. Some real nice collages in there. Love the erotic imagery in these two. Trashy and filthy? Love it.
[Scans taken from :- I Love You (my printed blog) Magazine Issue No. 03, December 2009]
<<< "Bling Bling"

<<< "Let Them Eat Cake"

Megan Fox by Craig McDean

PlusArtProjects.Com / Exhibition @ Atlantis

I went to an exhibition at Atlantis (the art suppliers) on Hanbury Street the other week which happens to be where I live.  Some really interesting work and was lucky enough to stumble across a Tracey Emin light installation. Bands were playing, the over-priced booze was flowing and some wicked art was on show. I particularly loved the sculptures produced by the DNA factory. They were of Minnie Mouse in some pretty disturbing states, juxtaposed with their brightly painted glossy coats. Quite comical, I must of stood staring at them for a good fifteen minutes, switching from hard chuckling to myself  to being completely floored and wishing I had massive amounts of cash to buy one. Highlight of the night? Seeing 100% Beefcock & The Titburster thrash it out on the drums and bass. A tattooed female duo, there musical noise and heavy riffs aren’t for the faint hearted and most certainly not for any girls aloud fans out there. The bassist reminded me strongly of Nancy Spungeon. This and the band name 100% BEEFCOCK & THE TITBURSTER was alone enough to make me instantly fall in love with them. Managed to capture some photos >>> (sorry about the quality, the pathetic 2 megapixel camera on my blackberry isn’t the best.)
The DNA Factory

Tracey Emin

Clever Dick

Sarah Lucas Light Installation

100% Beefcock & The Titburster

CAOS -  100% Beefcock & The Titburster

[Check out The DNA Factory here ]
[Check out 100% Beefcock & the Titburster here ]


Went to a mate's in Camberwell. She asked me to draw her something to fill her really bare bedroom walls. Went with this >>> (‘inspired’ by a scene from one of my favourite comedy series The League of Gentlemen.)

papa lazarou. hilarious. "you're my wife now"

let the right one in.

Let the Right One In, directed by Tomas Alfredson. The film itself is pretty slow and not what i expected, but I loved it anyway. It’s one of those films that although you may not love it the first time, the more and more you watch it, the more you’ll love it. the most beautiful thing about it is it’s simplicity. There are no ‘hollywood’ quirks about this film. It is essentially a love story, and it’s simplicity emphasizes that through it’s uncomplicated imagery and modest script. The soundtrack, however (composed by Johan Soderqvist) absolutely blew me away. It’s intense, fervent, and thoroughly emotional. Just listening to the soundtrack made me completely nostalgic, reminding me of the music I used to dance to when i was a ballet dancer and brought back many memories. Awesome soundtrack.
a photograph I took of my old blochs / bloody toes

watch the trailer ]

tube readin'

I’ve been reading Exquisite Pain by the artist and photographer Sophie Calle and finished a few weeks ago. It is a deeply sensitive and poignant book about loves gained, loves lost and emotional life experiences. In the book on each of the left pages, Calle talks about a lost love of her own, revealing a little more of the story each time the page is turned. On the opposite pages are the inputs from from her friends. This was my favourite. I found it harrowingly emotional to read the first time round and it still touches me when I read it now. It’s pinned on my wall above my bed to remind me of how fortunate I am.

photocopied and scanned from the book 'Exquisite Pain'  published by Thames & Hudson ]

Synopsis - “”On her return to Paris, she asked a group of friends to answer the question, ‘When did you most suffer?’. Their stories of pain, each of them accompanied by a photograph, interplay with Calle’s own story and daily reflections – ‘It is now 75 days since the man I love left me’ – as she gradually comes to terms with the rejection and her equilibrium is restored.”
synopsis found on www.waterstones.com ]


head peckin'.

you know there's summat wrong when your own mam is hotter than you...


oh dear.

On the way to a shoot for Tout Nouveau. Realised me and my friend were wearing a similar socks and turn ups combo. Uncool.

[ Tout Nouveau - blog ]

Helping out on Sin Haus Shoot


[ A piece me and fellow classmates wrote on an exhibition against criteria set by LCF. Have a read if you're interested, or you could just ignore it... ]
Criteria by : Kelly Thomas, Phoebe Faircloth, Chloe Rosolek, Seung Won Beck & Sara El
Upon entering the institute, we approached the receptionist and were directed to the upper levels of the building, where the photographs were displayed. The photographs lined the perimeter of a spiraling staircase, and were specially distributed around the building. There were three photographs, hidden in a back corner in the library. The photographs were away from the main display and positioned in a corner of the library in very dim lighting. Due to the poor lighting of the photographs, the reflection of the room and yourself was more prominent than the visual itself, which was distracting. These photographs, along with the rest of the exhibition were unlabelled. Upon entering we picked up an information sheet about the artists, which gave a brief description of the three artists and described the photographs as a collective as opposed to a detailed individual description.
The advertising fort he exhibition was poor. We searched fort he gallery for over thirty minutes, and eventually had to phone the gallery to ask for directions. This was due to the lack of advertising outside of the building. There was no sign indicating that the exhibition was taking place. As a result the gallery was empty. As previously stated, the only form of informative printed media we received was the brief information sheet.
We picked up on some recurring themes within the three artists, such as age (eternal youth), traditional Germany and social classification. The photographers chose to portray their subjects in traditional contemporary locations, such as church, having a picnic, gardening, and ones home.
Remit of the Space
A possible reason for displaying this working in the Goethe Institut is because it is a German institute, and all the photographers are German. In relation to the remit of the space the purpose of this gallery is non-commercial. It felt as if the photographs were displayed along the staircase because there was nowhere else to putt hem. All other rooms were non-related to the photographs, and had other purposes, i.e. a library, a projection room and a community hall. The exhibition being free, eliminates it’s exclusivity, therefore, leaves it open to all members of the public, creating a wide variety of viewers.



Came across this drawing i did a while back whilst trawling through the many, many files on my mac. Could really do with a desktop clean out when I’ve got a few days free, could take a while. Gonna pick up a pen and do some more drawing over christmas I’m missing scribblin’. The drawing is referenced from an image found in Pigeons & Peacocks magazine, Issue 2.

Scan quality aint too crackin. Soz

Benjamin Lennox

Benjamin Lennox – London based photographer. Clients include :
Dazed and Confused // Vogue Russia // Flair Italy // Sony // V //Tokion // Ponytail // Adidas

[ Browse his website here ]