test shoot

Did a test shoot a few weeks back with photographer Curtly Thomas (nah we aint related!) It was all a bit last minute so had to work with what we had. One minute the light was amazing, cally-forn-i-ay style the next it was typically dull and British but, one must soldier on. Although Paul (the model) was awesome, I just don't think he had the particular look i had in mind for the garments. Not completely pleased with the end styling results but here's some of the shots:

 Hooded top and short : Abigail Nicholson
Shoes : Dr Martens
 Shirt and Short : Terence Lee Bell

 Jumper : Terence Lee Bell
Jeans : Cheap Monday
Boots : Dr Martens

Vest : Topman
Shorts : Ben Sherman
Shoes : Dr Martens
Glasses : Beyond Retro

Photographer : Curtly Thomas
Stylist : Kelly Thomas
Art Director : Sophia Probett
Model : Paul Cowperthwaite


  1. i think you'll find i was Art director thank you very much. LOL

  2. so sorry for the mistake i shall correct this immediately. BIATCH XXX

  3. haha i was only joking...thanks beb