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I’ve been reading Exquisite Pain by the artist and photographer Sophie Calle and finished a few weeks ago. It is a deeply sensitive and poignant book about loves gained, loves lost and emotional life experiences. In the book on each of the left pages, Calle talks about a lost love of her own, revealing a little more of the story each time the page is turned. On the opposite pages are the inputs from from her friends. This was my favourite. I found it harrowingly emotional to read the first time round and it still touches me when I read it now. It’s pinned on my wall above my bed to remind me of how fortunate I am.

photocopied and scanned from the book 'Exquisite Pain'  published by Thames & Hudson ]

Synopsis - “”On her return to Paris, she asked a group of friends to answer the question, ‘When did you most suffer?’. Their stories of pain, each of them accompanied by a photograph, interplay with Calle’s own story and daily reflections – ‘It is now 75 days since the man I love left me’ – as she gradually comes to terms with the rejection and her equilibrium is restored.”
synopsis found on www.waterstones.com ]

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