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I went to an exhibition at Atlantis (the art suppliers) on Hanbury Street the other week which happens to be where I live.  Some really interesting work and was lucky enough to stumble across a Tracey Emin light installation. Bands were playing, the over-priced booze was flowing and some wicked art was on show. I particularly loved the sculptures produced by the DNA factory. They were of Minnie Mouse in some pretty disturbing states, juxtaposed with their brightly painted glossy coats. Quite comical, I must of stood staring at them for a good fifteen minutes, switching from hard chuckling to myself  to being completely floored and wishing I had massive amounts of cash to buy one. Highlight of the night? Seeing 100% Beefcock & The Titburster thrash it out on the drums and bass. A tattooed female duo, there musical noise and heavy riffs aren’t for the faint hearted and most certainly not for any girls aloud fans out there. The bassist reminded me strongly of Nancy Spungeon. This and the band name 100% BEEFCOCK & THE TITBURSTER was alone enough to make me instantly fall in love with them. Managed to capture some photos >>> (sorry about the quality, the pathetic 2 megapixel camera on my blackberry isn’t the best.)
The DNA Factory

Tracey Emin

Clever Dick

Sarah Lucas Light Installation

100% Beefcock & The Titburster

CAOS -  100% Beefcock & The Titburster

[Check out The DNA Factory here ]
[Check out 100% Beefcock & the Titburster here ]

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