let the right one in.

Let the Right One In, directed by Tomas Alfredson. The film itself is pretty slow and not what i expected, but I loved it anyway. It’s one of those films that although you may not love it the first time, the more and more you watch it, the more you’ll love it. the most beautiful thing about it is it’s simplicity. There are no ‘hollywood’ quirks about this film. It is essentially a love story, and it’s simplicity emphasizes that through it’s uncomplicated imagery and modest script. The soundtrack, however (composed by Johan Soderqvist) absolutely blew me away. It’s intense, fervent, and thoroughly emotional. Just listening to the soundtrack made me completely nostalgic, reminding me of the music I used to dance to when i was a ballet dancer and brought back many memories. Awesome soundtrack.
a photograph I took of my old blochs / bloody toes

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